Disaster Recovery Planning

You cannot prevent disaster, but you can plan for it.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan. Businesses rely on their IT infrastructure such as: desktop computers, laptops, wireless devices, and servers to create, process and communicate sensitive information. Should any of your technology solutions fail, do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

What is an IT Disaster Recovery Plan? An IT disaster recovery plan for businesses of any size is essential. The impact of experiencing data loss or corruption from hardware failure, malicious attacks or malware can significantly impact your bottom line and ability to stay in operation. An IT disaster recovery plan that is built in conjunction with your business continuity plan will establish priorities and recovery time objectives for all your technology assets.

What should my IT Disaster Recovery Plan include?

  • Identity of critical IT systems and networks
  • Recovery time priorities for restoration of data and IT infrastructure
  • Detailed process for restarting and reconfiguring
  • Contact information for suppliers
  • Emergency expert contact information for disrupted system recovery

How do I start building an IT disaster recovery plan?

To start building your IT disaster recovery plan, complete a full-scale security risk assessment that identifies potential threats to your network and infrastructure. The assessment will find potential threats to the most important internal system elements. This assessment should split your network infrastructure into critical and non-critical elements, which will help determine which assets need to be recovered first.

Dynamic Quest will work with your team to help develop an IT disaster recovery plan that supports your business. Contact us today to learn more!

Description of Planning Services

  • Comprehensive Business Continuity Assessment
  • Overview of Backup Strategy
  • Emergency Alert, Escalation and DRP Activation
  • Overview of Risk Management
  • Emergency Response – Alerts, Escalation, and Plan Invocation
  • Plan Triggering Events & Assembly Points
  • Client Communication
  • Vendor and Partner Response Notification
  • Disaster Recovery Team Identification
  • Media Guidelines – Contact, Strategies, and Rules
  • Insurance Guidelines
  • Financial and Legal Guidelines
  • DRP Exercising Guideline

Comprehensive protection: Managed Backup and Recovery

Our Managed Backup and Recovery service takes a global approach to saving and protecting your data. Our team designs a plan specifically tailored to your tech stack and business goals.


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