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Customized, Affordable, Available: The Dynamic Quest Help Desk

The Dynamic Quest Help Desk works around the clock, every day of the year. Our team of 65+ technology professionals bring a breadth of knowledge to your IT environment previously available only to large corporations, on a budget friendly to small and medium-sized businesses. Even more, you can customize this support to work with your existing IT team. Let your department focus on their core competencies, and we’ll take the rest. From software to servers, the Dynamic Quest Help Desk is an affordable, 24 x 7 x 365 complement to your IT department.


We Use a Methodical Ticket Process to Optimize Your IT Environment

When you partner with Dynamic Quest, you immediately gain uninterrupted access to a team of IT professionals, accessible by both email and phone. Once we have an understanding of the issue, we create a ticket, and assign it to the person best qualified to respond. As our team members work on your issue, they periodically record progress on the ticket—updates you’ll receive by email. Once the issue is resolved, we mark the ticked “closed,” and you’re back in business.

Over time, we gather data from your tickets and deliver reports about your IT environment. We often spot trends in your issues, and work with you to get upstream of those problems to save you time and money. Even if that means less hours for us, it means smoother business process for you, and that’s our ultimate goal. You can customize and alter your support as needed, using our three tier system below.


Our 24 x 7 x 365 Support Comes in Three Distinct Tiers

Tier 1
Definable, repeatable business functions are the crux of Tier 1 support. This includes common problems like password resets, printer configuration, drive mapping, and software assistance. Tier 1 issues take roughly 10-15 minutes to resolve.

Tier 2
Desktop troubleshooting is the focus of Tier 2 support. This is often a single-machine issue that requires some hands-on support from an IT professional. But that doesn’t mean a call out. More often than not, Dynamic Quest can access your machine remotely.
Tier 3
Server and network related issues comprise Tier 3 support. This requires serious IT expertise—something Dynamic Quest has in spades. That said, if your in-house IT team has the knowledge to provide this support, we’ll take care of the rest. We offer any combination of services to fit your needs.


Prioritize Your Tickets Based on Need

To help us provide the best possible service to our clients, each ticket is assigned a priority level according to urgency. The levels are as follows.

Standard Priority

We will respond to a standard priority issue within 16 business hours. A standard priority issue is one that must (of course) be addressed, but which is not affecting the ability of your company to perform its basic operations.

Medium Priority

We will respond within 8 business hours. This is a pressing issue that does not present an immediate threat to your business.

High Priority
We will respond within 2 hours. This is an urgent situation in which (for example) a server is down and your company’s productivity is being seriously affected.

If your need is urgent, please call.

An emailed request will automatically be assigned to the standard priority category. The above priorities reflect our guaranteed response times. However, we generally respond well ahead of time.

Need support? Not sure? Just call us or contact us online! 336.370.0555