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Backup and Recovery


Complete protection from data loss

How reliable is your backup system?

The bad news: your server will eventually fail. This can be anything from minor inconvenience to a major catastrophe, depending on your backup system.

The good news: a comprehensive backup solution like QSync means that’s nothing to worry about. We can have you up and running within the hour.

QSync not only protects your data, it gets your business running again quickly.

With QSync backup solutions, you don’t have to think about data loss—ever. If a server fails, simply contact our 24x7x365 Help Desk and we’re on the case. We’ll quickly restore your data and get you back to work.

QSync backs up continuously, so you’re never at risk.

QSync saves your data hourly to an on-site server, then performs a comprehensive cloud backup every night. This assures the continuity of your business at all times.



  • Disk and cloud-based backup
  • Full image-level recovery
  • File & folder restores
  • Backup of workstations and servers at pre-configured intervals
  • Sync to external drives
  • 256-bit AES encryption


We have created two different versions of QSync to serve companies with different needs. In both types, Dynamic Quest installs a dedicated backup server at your site, so that a recent backup is always close by. Here’s how they work.

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Relax, we have a copy

With QSync Business Recovery, we install a QSync server at your site that captures image-based BMR backups from your servers, workstations, or virtual machines every hour. Each night, a file and image-level backup is pushed to the cloud. If there’s a failure, you can spring back into action, knowing there’s a QSync server nearby.



Hard times call for Hardware

QSync BDR stands for Backup Disaster Recovery. In addition to the advantages of basic QSync, this version provides your company with operative hardware, should your own fail. The provided servers will keep your business running until you are able to replace them. This keeps your business going even in the wake of a full blown disaster.