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Best practices are a moving target.

No matter how conscientious your organization is about adhering to best practices, the speed at which innovations occur makes it difficult to keep abreast of exactly what best practices are. In this ever-shifting landscape, it’s hard to know whether you’re doing the most effective things at the most effective time.

Our team provides strategic vision to achieve concrete goals.

We built our consulting team by recruiting seasoned pros with CIO-level experience. They lead a diverse crew with expertise across every sector. With a group commanding such a broad range of knowledge, we are able to marshal the most knowledgeable resources to examine your situation and implement strategic solutions. We provide you with the most useful, actionable, productive insights to transform your business.

Our consultants can assist you in crucial areas such as:

Business Process Reengineering

Why processes degrade over time.

Examine a well-run company and you’ll find at its core a network of well-designed, interdependent business processes. However, even the most ingeniously engineered operations gradually develop gaps and inefficiencies. This deterioration is the nature of any system—but the effect snowballs in the context of accelerating change. Even a company with perfectly maintained business processes might fall behind competitors who are faster to implement innovations.

Our BPR team identifies inefficiencies that inhibit productivity.

With its ability to assess your interlocking processes, our team can help you eliminate unnecessary or needlessly complicated steps. We can spot opportunities to introduce new activities with greater potential to enhance productivity. And we can help organize your operations around outcomes, not functions, so that analysis is focused on the most meaningful metrics.

Small boosts in productivity can stimulate large jumps in profitability.

Your net growth hinges on the efficiency of your processes. They are a cost, of course, so it is imperative to design them in a way that the expense generates all the income it can theoretically deliver. If our team kicks your processes from 70% effective to 80%, the effect on your bottom line can be substantial. Even an incremental boost from 90% to 91% can have dramatic effects.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Everybody knows about big data. But few use it effectively.

Yes, there is more data out there than ever before. But what to do with it all? You have access to such a staggering volume of information it’s hard to know how to put it to use. Direct your attention to the wrong data and you may not extract the insights that are going to make a real difference.

Big insights. Big profits.

Our experienced data analytics team can capture the data with the most strategic value to your organization. We examine it from every angle to derive the insights most effective in building your capabilities. We use it to identify previously unnoticed opportunities. Big data is unremarkable until it is used to drive profit, growth and positive change, and that is the focus of our team’s efforts.

We offer analytics and reporting services that include:

Tactical Analytics

  • Custom reports
  • Data replication
  • Database design
  • Scripting automation
  • Data extraction
  • Data transformation and loading

Strategic Data Services

  • Enterprise reporting requirement definition
  • Reporting and business modeling visualization
  • Data structure design, delivery and maintenance
  • Portal hosting
  • Electronic display boards

Gap Analysis

  • Statistical and multivariate analysis
  • Pattern identification
  • Gap isolation
  • Optimization modeling
  • Evidence-based solution identification

IT Governance

Capture and focus the power of IT.

The ever-expanding capabilities of IT offer ever-greater capacity to enhance your operations. But with the explosion of IT capacity comes complexity that can lead you to squander its potential. Our governance experts can help you acquire and organize the IT infrastructure that will maximize its effect on your business. Our services include the following:

IT Asset Portfolio Planning
Determine the optimal asset portfolio that will bolster productivity and meet clearly defined business objectives.

IT Operational and Resource Planning
Dynamic Quest helps you build a resource planning model that will extract the most from the efforts of your internal personnel.

Virtual CIO
An experienced Dynamic Quest vCIO provides strategic know-how informed by the broadest possible perspective of current IT capabilities.

RFI/RFP Development
Partner with our strategic staff to ensure you attract the best submissions or submit your own best response.