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Disaster Recovery Planning


You’ve got a disaster plan for people, but what about your business?

If you have a decent backup solution in place, it’s easy to recover a couple downed machines. But what happens when a real disaster strikes, and you’re left with waterlogged (or nonexistent) computers? You can’t prevent this type of disaster, but you can recover from it.

93% of companies that lose data for 10+ days file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster, and 50% file for bankruptcy immediately.

(National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C.)

While the probability of a disaster seems low, it’s hardly lower than the chance your business will recoup from it. A simply installed backup solution-in-a-box won’t protect your organization when something serious occurs—and while we truly hope it never does, we can help you prepare for it.

Get the ultimate in Disaster Response.

    • Complete Data Backups
      Our secure data center is redundantly located to ensure maximum reliability, and was built to withstand an F2 tornado and keep on humming. If disaster strikes, you’ll be able to spin up copies of your servers and get back to work—fast.
    • Temporary Offices & Equipment
      What good is data with no equipment to run it on? We can provide you with a solid foundation to keep your business running, even if that’s the only thing left.
    • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
      Each Disaster Recovery appraisal begins with a comprehensive risk assessment to find the unique problem areas for your business. (We can even show you how to turn some threats into a competitive advantage.)

Be ready with a Disaster Recovery Service plan from Dynamic Quest.