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As useful as our managed solutions are to many of our clients, some companies prefer custom arrangements in which they call us on an as-needed basis. Of course we are happy to work with you in whatever way suits your needs.

We serve clients in two ways:

Finite projects with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Some clients have a specific objective and call us in to provide expertise and service to accomplish their business goal.

Ongoing availability to address issues as they arise.
Some clients want to have us on call to help with unexpected situations, or to perform occasional maintenance tasks.

This service is designed to serve companies with a strong internal IT staff—but which need to implement a project that requires expertise outside the internal team’s experience or capacities. A good internal staff could, of course, learn what it needs to learn to accomplish the goal—but at a cost. Often it makes more sense to bring in a team from Dynamic Quest and get the job done without diverting the internal staff into training mode.

Finite Projects Include:

Upgrading Application Servers: Eventually, all servers need to be upgraded. The following are good candidates: Windows 2003 Servers, Exchange Servers, MS-SQL 2005 Database Servers, Terminal Server farms, Citrix Servers, and VMWare platforms.

Replacing Old Server Equipment: Servers can run well for roughly 4 years, though we’ve seen many reach 6 or 7. However, the statistical rate of hardware failure increases significantly after that 4-year mark. We recommend that organizations take a serious look at any server equipment that has seen over 5 years of continuous use. Whenever the time comes to address your stack, Dynamic Quest is here to help with the upgrade—from selecting and purchasing the equipment, to setting it up in your office. We handle hardware start to finish.

Network Equipment Upgrades: Organizations tend to forget about the core components of their network. This includes firewalls, routers, and switches, that need to be patched, updated, and upgraded from time to time.

Workstation Refreshes: A proper refresh methodology maintains control over a company’s IT budget and simultaneously ensures optimal performance for end users. But when it catches up on us, we’re forced to refresh countless workstations in a short period of time. Avoid that cost and hassle altogether with a workstation refresh plan.

Performing a Network and Systems Analysis: It’s never a bad idea to invite some fresh eyes to evaluate and map out your IT environment. Dynamic Quest can provide you with a picture of what’s working smoothly, and what areas may need to be addressed.

Office-365 Migrations: Microsoft’s offerings in Office 365 saw significant change, and because of that we’re performing migrations for clients every month. Our team is familiar with migrations both from traditional exchange servers and locally installed applications, to the Cloud based solutions. We’ll make your migration as simple and painless as possible.

Ongoing Support Plan Includes:

Fill in the Gaps: You have a great Server Administrator in your office, but she’s constantly distracted by little things like end user support—email configuration, VPN connection issues, printer issues, password resets, you name it. Why distract a Server Administrator with tasks that can be handled by someone else for lower cost and typically faster resolution? Similarly, you may have a great end user support resource but lack the time or focus to support the network equipment and servers. Many of our clients have internal resources with certain skills that are regularly pulled away from their focus to fill other duties. They wisely partnered with Dynamic Quest to fill those gaps and skills as needed.

After-hours Support: You have a great internal IT team, but your organization has grown and you need to be able to provide after-hours, weekend, and holiday support for your staff. Business must continue, but you don’t want to leave your loyal employees with after-hours support that interferes with their work-life balance. Many of our clients lean on Dynamic Quest solely for after-hours requests and support. We are staffed 24x7x365 to help maintain your IT needs.

The Single Resource: There is a single IT resource that knows everything about your environment, inside and out. That person gets sick for two weeks, goes on vacation, has a baby, finds a new job, or wins the lottery, and you’re left standing in a thick mud of IT issues with no hero in sight. Clients are frequently unprepared for such an impact, and often find it helpful to keep Dynamic Quest in the loop for such cases. We provide low cost plans to “stay engaged” with the details of your IT environment. We can knock out intermittent issues, support your custom development team, review your IT infrastructure, or even be involved with your IT planning sessions. This keeps critical information both documented and in the heads of multiple resources that can jump in as needed for those unplanned emergencies.

Custom Development: Your organization has been around for a while, and over the past 20 years has developed a number of custom scripts and applications that keep your business running. Your internal developer comes to you on a Friday afternoon to let you know that he will be retiring in two weeks (or has decided to join a Buddhist monastery). You now realize that you have no documentation, don’t know where all of the actual code for those custom applications is stored, and you’re not even sure in what language they’re written. Our business analysts can swoop in and document your current custom development environment, then implement a plan to support it as needed going forward. We have the development prowess to support most modern day programming languages (as well as some of the older ones that are no longer used in the real world). In any case, we’re ready to help.