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Software Development Services


Our custom software solutions improve processes and create new revenue streams.

How do you know when you need development?
Look for these indicators:

You’ve got a great idea but little or no development expertise.

Our crack team of software development pros are as enthusiastic about your idea as you are. And they’ve got the coding chops to make it happen.

Your organization loses revenue through redundancies and inefficiencies it tolerates for no good reason.

Outdated processes that have worked well enough to get by have become so ingrained that few notice their drag on productivity.

You’ve got one employee who knows how everything is cobbled together, and that employee regularly crosses busy intersections.

No need to worry about his or her possible sudden encounter with a bus. You can transfer their business logic into a system, rather than their vulnerable brain.

You’ve got a great application (or idea for one) but it’s not mobile.

Maybe you’ve got a sales force that could be entering data from the road. Or perhaps you need to reach those millions of people carrying iPhones and iPads. We create solutions that go where the devices go.

You’re doing things manually that could be done automatically.

Once you’ve got our code doing all that heavy lifting, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have us design and build a turnkey automated solution years ago.

A few examples of how our clients have benefited from our development:


Our client Case New Holland needed a better way to sell their excess heavy equipment. Our solution reduced their inventory aging from 130 days down to a mere 30. The company not only saved serious time and cost, but experienced a 20% boost in sales revenue.


Summer Industries had a legacy resource planning behemoth that was not at all fun to work with. Their IT Administrator needed our help migrating their data to a new platform—which we did, with a swiftness he was delighted to witness.


The founders of Maven Equipment had a revolutionary idea for bringing together buyers, sellers, and financiers in the equipment leasing business, and for automating the transactions between these parties. We put our ace coders on the job, resulting in a mighty, web-based engine, MADX, which coordinated and automated the various processes involved.


  • Legacy system replacement
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Database development
  • Contact management
  • eCommerce
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Order & asset tracking
  • Customer relationship management
  • Workflow management